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I’m Devin Winsby, a Senior at Western Washington University, perusing a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. I was born in California and moved to Washington in the third grade, and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else but the PNW! I was really torn between a degree in Marketing or one in Management Information Systems, as they both hold a special place. I ultimately opted for Marketing because it’s just more fun! Seriously… I know it’s beyond cliché, but all I really desire is to love what I do, and that’s how I know I’ve made the right decision.

I currently work for one of the largest, national, third-party property management firms and digital marketing plays a pivotal role in many things we do. Taking digital marketing is essential because it’s the future of Marketing. From my own experience in property marketing, digital marketing is a largely untapped market with huge growth potential. Put simply, being a digital marketing guru will get you a killer career. All businesses that aren’t online are missing out on prospective customers, so companies are looking to hire individuals of our generation who are thought to have the best understanding of digital marketing. After all, we have evolved along side the web, its almost like we’ve grown up together! Another influential factor is other Marketing majors who have taken the course, everyone has loved it! I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity.

What I’m most interested in is Google Analytics. I’ve had the ability to poke around the Analytics account of my employer and was really impressed. Not to mention that Google rules the internet; so I’d like to be as “Google Savvy” as I possibly can be. Search Engine Optimization is also something I’ve been extremely interested in, I want to know all about the algorithms, etc. I will say that I have TONS of experience with Google+ via my job and am fairly knowledgable in coding/programming languages, so very happy both of those topics will be covered too!

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Marketing Jobs in the 21st Century

The article sets out to test, and subsequently uncover the answers to the following research questions:

1. Do entry- and lower-level positions in marketing require mostly technical skills rather than conceptual knowledge?

2. Do middle- and upper-level jobs in marketing require mostly conceptual knowledge of marketing rather than technical skills?

3. Do the skills required for marketing positions differ in the five metropolitan areas included in the sample?

The “blending of conceptual knowledge with practical skills as the preferred approach for professional education” and is what business need of marketing graduates.

The conclusion reached is that lower, entry-level marketing positions require a greater skill set to succeed than prior studies had revealed. These skills are of the technical nature, not just conceptual as had been assumed in the past. The realization is that students perusing marketing degrees need to take courses outside of the marketing department to fully grasp such technical concepts; marketing gives an overview of the conceptual aspects but without being able to put those concepts to use, the knowledge is of little value. Management Information systems and Computer Science are instrumental tools in the application of the technical side of marketing.

This article makes a strong case for why digital marketing is so pertinent in our future marketing careers. The “hands-on” approach is the way to retain the necessary technical skill set. It is also a push towards continued learning, the idea that once you graduate you must continue to seek knowledge in order to keep up with the ever changing marketing plain.

US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016

I will say that this article is a little overwhelming, primarily because it covers SO much content. Not to say that the information isn’t intriguing and insightful.

I found the “Social Media Grows Moderately” discussion to be quite surprising. Its obvious that there just aren’t that many paid advertising options but I had always assumed the reach would make up for those shortcomings. Listening platforms for SM sites that feed into CRM plans are key! I’m especially interested in this aspect of Social Media because of my role in the third-party property management sector; customer options have a be accounted for and responded to, so this is a great tool.

It fantastic that interactive, digital marketing is on the incline into the foreseeable future. As soon-to-be graduates, it’s a hopeful assurance that we are obtaining the desired knowledge that firms are actively looking to find.

I really enjoyed the “What It Means” category- thought provoking and rememberable.

Technology giants at war: Another game of thrones

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are at each other’s throats in all sorts of ways

This article was most interesting of the three. The big four; Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, are encroaching on each others territory like never before. It’s been about a year since the article was published and there have been some major changes!

I know that since Google changed its algorithm, it’s almost essential for a business to have a Google+ page if they want to be the visible to the customer. This appears to be a direct block to the likes of Facebook and other social networking sites. Apple has come out with the IPhone 5S and 5C, with some pretty hefty ad campaign’s to accompany their debut. As is customary with the newly released phones, there was a waiting list. What always surprises me is that people wait to get the next generation, yet when they finally have it, end up saying things like “It’s not all that different than my last IPhone.”

The Facebook phone also happened in 2013 but that was a major flop. The biggest question that answers why is this, “What is the point of a smartphone focused on Facebook Home when you can get Facebook Home on several different — and superior — phones?” Enough said there; it lacked the tech innovation that so many of us crave in  a new smart phone.

Amazon continues to have superiors customer service and do what they do best, help you buy things you need, and even more things you don’t!



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