When leads find you; the dirty deets of Inbound Marketing.

So what’s the secret behind Inbound Marketing and why’s it so important?

Businesses create the content that draws people in and highlights the company’s offerings. It’s not forced, it’s fluid, engaging and overall, interesting. Inbound Marketing is just more natural than outbound marketing could ever hope to be. Outbound marketing is out, as the go to tactic. Customers are increasingly tired of being stalked by the “traditional” marketing tactics.


According to Marketo Inc. on Inbound Marketing, “When done right, this approach returns dramatically better results than traditional marketing techniques that rely on interrupting prospects.” A very interesting idea indeed, highlighting the fact that desirable content to the prospect is key to a successful marketing strategy.

There are other steps to take to make sure that Inbound Marketing can be successful, and search engine optimization (SEO) is one of them. Without SEO the content isn’t easy to search and find, making it impossible to propagate.

It seems obvious enough, but the content that’s put together for Inbound Marketing plans MUST address customers problems and concerns. This is a common mistake, in that many corporations focus on their product’s image above all else. Another important aspect is knowing where the customer does their digital information search, without that, the content that has been created is useless.

It’s important to remember that, “Inbound marketing, done in isolation, doesn’t lead to success.” To make inbound marketing successful, we also need the Inbound Marketing Multiplier, which is:

1. An outbound marketing strategy

2. A corporate communications strategy

3. A nurturing or marketing automation strategy

This dynamic combination creates an image of a strong and trustworthy brand.

Now, the purpose of Inbound Marketing, according to Shah at Hubspot is to “Solve for the humans” basically meaning to make people happy. “It’s not just what you sell, but how you sell it.” The human element is what brings Inbound Marketing together, when a company focuses on people.

The buying process has changed so much so, that being online is critical and a business website needs to be doing a lot of the leg work in order for a sale to occur.

As for Hubspot’s products, everything is having the ‘context’:

The Social Inbox is killer. I love the idea of having filtered streams that alert you to specific content, it’s literally Twitter on crack. It’s a marketers dream to have all of this at your finger tips. The only thing I’m a little bit skeptical about is how individuals are qualified (leads, customers, strangers, etc.) I’ll have to do a bit more of my own personal search, but there’s no doubt that I’ll get the app, I’m extremely interested.

The Content Optimization System is the “re-imagined website” experience. It’s the concept of a website that changes based upon the relationship a business has with an individual. I love that fact that this technology is such a game changer and it’s really exciting stuff! The idea of having a dynamic website like the COS is beyond appealing because it makes the customer feel understood and that the experience fits what they’re looking for. Hubspot has tapped into something remarkable.

Signals works inside your browser and reduces wait time. It gives some of the power back to the marketer or sales person that has been taken by the prospect via the web. This changes things; I like what I see although not as much as the COS and Social Inbox, but still very revolutionary. I have a few concerns about how people might respond to knowing that their online activities are alerting marketing or sales, this could cause some potential conflict because people are already worried about their online privacy.

It’s such a simple idea. There is truly a person at the other end of every marketing campaign, but Hubspot has really taken that to another level. Their apps and way of thinking seems to be a propelling force for why Inbound marketing is a critical aspect of digital marketing.

So what’s the bottom line?

Hubspot’s doing it right, keep an eye on what they’ve got going on.




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