Ever been a part of a Twitter or Tweet chat? It’s an interesting concept; basically an open forum chat room environment that promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas. The great thing about Twitter chats for someone like me is all of the ‘real-world professionals’ that also participate in such events. This is a relatively new discovery to me but I can guarantee that I’ll be making it part of my weekly routine to join in, on a favorite few. The following are some of the ones that I’m REALLY interested in at the moment:

#SEOchat~ 1PM EST Thursdays –> http://www.bruceclay.com/blog/2013/11/twitter-chats-seochat/ https://twitter.com/DevSEOChat

#BrandChat~ 10AM CT Wednesdays –>https://twitter.com/brandchat

#SMchat~ 1PM EST Wednesdays—> http://socialmediachat.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/social-change-crafting-a-message/

#MediaChat~ 10PM EST Thursdays –> https://twitter.com/Media_Chat

#GetRealChat~ 9PM EST Tuesdays —> https://twitter.com/GetRealChat


The gist is that you use the hashtag to join the conversation, in doing so others in the same chat are able to see the questions and comments you’re adding to the weekly discussion. Not only are Twitter chats great for knowledge and understanding, but they’re potentially a great tool for networking! There’s really only one downside, and that’s how quickly the stream appears, making it difficult to follow the conversation- and that’s where http://tweetchat.com comes into play. Instead of refreshing Twitter like a lunatic, they make it easy to follow the particular chat with ease (and of course there are other sites like it, but this is the most popular).


Unfortunately I missed #BrandChat this morning, so I’ll plan to be a part of #MediaChat tomorrow night instead. Although truth be told, #BrandChat is the Twitter chat that I’m most interested in out of the ones listed above; I will need to make it a priority to be a part of the discussion next Wednesday. If you want more info on Twitter chats, this is a great place to start: http://janetfouts.com/how-to-participate-in-a-tweet-chat/

Google+ was supposed to be on the agenda for this blog post as well, but because I spent some time on it Monday– I decided to spend some extra time researching Twitter chats today! I wanted to make sure I knew the ins-and-outs of Tweet chats before I dove into my first one. Wish me luck!

High Fiving Angels


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