Do You Speak a Computer Language? Make it Your Second.

Any chance you’ve tried tutorials? For most the answer is likely “no,” but its AMAZING! The process seems more daunting than it is; in all honesty, it’s great experience, easy to follow and they make the process seamless. I have some prior coding background (a handful of computer science classes here at WWU) but this site really changes the game. It’s user friendly tutorials make it easy for anyone to get started, plus…. It’s TOTALLY free. I spent a few hours getting to know the site and its capabilities. This is where I started:

 Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.57.00 AM

They take you through the process, set-by-step and introduce you to the different elements. I chose to start with HTML and CSS, but there are plenty of others to choose from; JavaScript, PHP, Python & Ruby are also offered.

About two hours later I’d made it through a couple of training sessions:

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.48.19 AM

 Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 12.28.30 PM

Ideally I plan to finish all tutorials they provide! It’s not just fun, it’s also a great skill to have for any business application. It only makes you more hirable in today’s highly competitive job market.

Some of the top coders in the U.S. are making a killing in the Silicon Valley, where a substantial number of tech companies have their roots. It’s hard to believe but some of the most talented coders even have their own talent agents (HA). 10X Management is an example of one such agency that represents these coders; just as actors and musicians have agents, the idea is basically the same. Some coders are reportedly making about $198,000/year not to mention the other perks (according to AdMag) but of course there are other factors too, a big one being the high cost of living. They even have their own “Code Camp” for SV coders:

I found this interesting pie chart, it goes to show that jobs are out there. What a tremendous opportunity many are missing out on!


Many business believe coding is quickly becoming one of the core competencies required for new hires. Startups are always seeking coders, so understanding how it all works is critical- why not spend the time to learn the basics at a minimum. In the world of [digital] marketing coding is important for a few reasons, the most important being:

  1. Understanding. If you’re able to grasp how any technology works at its roots, you’re far more apt to “wield it wisely.” It’s important that we understand the devices and software we use.
  2. Interaction. Marketers often work along-side IT, creative tech companies, and software vendors. Having the ability to communicate in a way they understand is critical in collaboration to achieve results.
  3. Perspective. Coding makes you think differently about problem solving and there’s nothing better than that!
  4. Adaptability. It’s also on the rise in many job scopes, as mentioned above- so we need to jump on board.

 After all, with sites like that make it user-friendly and enjoyable, why wouldn’t you? Add another skill set, learn some coding.



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