SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Country=’U.S.’ AND City=’Bellingham’;

Just like we use Hyper Text Markup Language (among others) to interact with the web, we use Structured Query Language to interact with databases. Thus, any corporation with a database, used to store client and other information- need individuals who can extract and process data and turn it into usable information. This is the purpose of SQL.

 SQL Commands

As a marketer, it’s important to be able to access the needed information to make the best decisions. Being able to take advantage of SQL gives you that power. Like we have said before, being a “technical marketer” is increasingly important. Digital marketing is the here-and-now, so being able to communicate online and with our computer databases is vital in the marketing field.

The idea is “end-to-end”: a marketer can do it all with little help from other business sectors, and what a time saver! Who wouldn’t want an employee that could be primarily self sufficient? That’s corporate GOLD.  Jamie- former CMO at Moz has the following to say about why it’s important for marketing professionals to understand SQL and other tech languages, “Developing technical skills isn’t about being becoming indispensable; it’s about developing capabilities to be self-reliant when necessary and providing significant value to your organization.”

With SQL you can extract exactly what you need, and because your procedure is there written in code, it’s not lost in manual copies, pastes, and filters. You can re-run it at any time and easily find and remedy errors in your process. There are TONS of marketing jobs that are currently looking for individuals who can successfully yield SQL; its not just a time saver, but also a cost saver to the company.

Marketing:SQL Job Postings

SQL abilities puts you ahead of the curve, many marketing professionals just don’t know how to leverage SQL- making those who do, a vital asset. There are many options for learning SQL, just like there are for HTML, CCSS and JavaScript. There is, a great beginners guide for the basics to get you acquainted with the “language.” I got through “SQL Basics” in no time (which in reality was about twenty-three minutes) but in retrospect, thats a breeze!. is owned by Oracle, it’s used by some of the big-shot sites to access their database, including Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. It’s free and open-source (meaning developed and modified by the community that uses it), just like Linux. Microsoft SQL is another widely used tool, in addition to Oracles product.

So, how do we become the best technical marketer around? Here’s the Moz recipe: and it’s a good one!

Technical Marketer


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